More often than not, our emotions get the better of us causing us to miss a good entry. Picture a scenario – your favourite stock is free falling and everyone else is selling their positions. You hesitated and did not buy even though you always preached the belief of “buy when everyone is fearful”. It is harder said than done.

I do not blame you a bit, after all we are humans. Naturally when things go south, fear gripped us and we are afraid to buy a stock simply because we think the price will continue its downward descent. And it is usually at the worst sell offs that you see the price starts to bounce back up. 

“Darn! I should have bought!” – a common statement of regret whispered by most of us.

This is not intelligent trading. 

As much as we prefer to trade manually, having a stock trading bot to do this for us would allow us to enter positions without fear and greed, the two weaknesses of any traders. 

Using StockHero, a trader can configure his or her bot to buy when the price of the stock depreciates. The bot will also sell ensuring a profit, without greed rearing its ugly head giving you the false hope that the stock’s price would continue its perpetual ascent. 

Of course, the secret sauce for any strategy would be the settings and algorithms that can only be conjured from years of trading experience. StockHero’s Bots Marketplace offers traders a pretty good bot called Market Neutral bot that allows traders to enter positions during market downturns. It has a good Win/Loss ratio that makes even a hedge fund manager go green with envy.

Trading intelligently is made easier with StockHero. Sign up now at