StockHero’s Marketplace stock trading bots have continued to help a majority of our users trade better and more intelligently. This is especially so for traders who are new to the world of automated trading and who are not familiar with the knowledge required to get going with algorithmic trading.

In the first two weeks of December, our bellwether bot – the Market Neutral strategy bot – has delivered an impressive win rate of ~92%. Our fastest and favourite among day traders – the Ultra Scalp MAX – has also performed impressively to deliver a stunning ~87% win rate. This is a tremendous achievement considering that the Ultra Scalp MAX bot trades on 1 minute frequency.

Check out the table below. We have published the three month performance data September to November 2023 and the latest Dec 1st to 14th data. All of the Marketplace bots have performed better when compared to the previous period.

Stock Trading Bots Performance Data to Dec 2023

As the year draws to an end, StockHero is proud to have been the stock trading companion for thousands of users. Many of our users have achieved above-average returns since they started using StockHero.