StockHero has launched the latest Marketplace bot named “Ultra Scalp MAX 100“. This stock trading bot utilises scalping strategy and trades on a 1 minute trading frequency. Its strategy is similar to the “Ultra Scalp MAX” bot except that for the Ultra Scalp MAX 100, the latter will utilise 100% of the Fund Allocation in a single trade.

The Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot is suitable for traders who prefer to hold a single entry trade in a position instead of multiple trades. Hence, because of a lower risk management threshold, the Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot is a high risk trading bot. However, it suits a trader that does not want to hold on to a position for long.

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Professional Annual plan subscribers can contact StockHero to get the Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot added to their account for free.

In our next article, we will publish the performance data of the Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot from the bot’s creator.

Please note that fast scalp trading is risky. Trade with expendable capital.

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