April was yet another volatile month for the US markets. The NASDAQ and S&P500 closed April on a negative note. It was a quick slide down until April 19th before the market starts to pick up in the last week.

Interestingly, our Market Neutral bot (the best performing bot in StockHero with the longest track record) achieved an incredible 91% win rate in the three months ending April 20th. The Market Neutral bot has lived up to its name by delivering an above risk-free rate of return despite the unpredictable gyrations of market cycles.

StockHero also debuted the Market Neutral Aggressive bot in late March, which follows the same strategy as the Market Neutral, with the exception that the Aggressive variant has a less stringent risk management policy. So far, the Market Neutral Aggressive bot has an excellent 88% win rate, which is comparable to the Market Neutral bot.

The aim of the Market Neutral Aggressive bot is to deliver a return that is better than the stalwart Market Neutral bot.

Another trading bot to take note of is the Ultra Scalp. Since its launch about a year ago, it has generated thousands of trades for many users and managed to score an impressive 78.52% win rate as of today. This represents nearly four profitable trades out of five.

The Ultra Scalp bot offers a much higher trading frequency compared to the Market Neutral bot. As such, it is one of the favourite bots used by many new users.

We need to state that the Ultra Scalp bot carries a higher risk as well (higher chance of loss) since it trades on a faster time frame. A user should always consider using only a small percentage of its trading capital for running the Ultra Scalp bot.

StockHero’s Marketplace stock trading bots offer new and experienced stock traders an easy way to deploy proven strategies easily.

Check out the performance data for the Marketplace bots below:

Stock Trading Bot Performance For April 2024