Another month has passed, and we are glad to share our stock trading bots’ success in February 2024. Unsurprisingly, our bellwether bot, Market Neutral, has maintained a 90% win rate. Its constant performance has made it one of the most popular Marketplace bots among our users.

Check out the bots’ performance data in the image below:

Stock Trading Bot Performance for February 2024

All but one of the Marketplace bots have done exceptionally well, with win rates over 80%. The Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot is extremely risky because it trades at the fastest time frequency of one minute and deploys 100% of the allocated funds. However, with a 74% win rate, it remains a viable strategy to consider.

We included the Short Scalp strategy performance in this update after several of our users requested it. Our Short Scalp bot allows customers to hedge against their long-strategy approach. Although the Short Scalp is not widely used (many traders remain long-biased), its performance is remarkable given that it has been listed since January 2023 (more than a year).

Look out for more interesting stock trading bots in the coming weeks.