The StockHero team is pleased to release another set of great results for our Marketplace bots. Check out the table below.

Stock Trading Bots Performance for March 2024

As always, our Market Neutral stock trading bot continues to deliver consistent results with win rate ~90% since its inception in October 2022. A noteworthy Marketplace bot is the Short Scalp which delivered more than 90% win rate!

Our Swing Strategy bot also excels by delivering higher profits than the Market Neutral bot and is growing in popularity among our users.

The bot with the highest number of trades so far is the Ultra Scalp (a function of its length of time on the Marketplace x the number of users running it). Due to this, its near 80% win rate is very impressive. StockHero users should consider running the Ultra Scalp as part of a balanced strategy approach.

The month of March 2024 saw our latest Marketplace bot – the Market Neutral Aggressive – been listed on it. This variant of the very successful Market Neutral bot offers a more aggressive trading strategy by deploying more capital per trade promising greater returns but also an elevated level of risk.

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