StockHero is pleased to announce the launch of our new feature called “Traded Stocks”. This new feature offers our users access to the list of stocks that are traded by a specific Marketplace bot.

One of the most common questions among our users is “which stocks to trade for a stock trading bot?”. Through the Traded Stocks section, a user will now be able to check out the list of stocks that other users have deployed the Marketplace bots on. The stocks featured in the Traded Stocks section are meant to assist new users to get started easily.

If a stock is not on the list, this does not imply that the Marketplace bot is unsuitable for running it. Users may continue to use the stock trading bot on stocks that are not featured in the Traded Stocks list.

Over the next several months, StockHero will be launching a major app version that will fortify its position as the leader in stock trading bot solution. Stay tuned!