A Market Neutral trading strategy aims to generate returns regardless of broader market conditions. The strategy relies heavily on technicals. This approach aims to provide a consistent return, even in months when the overall market experiences a downturn. Market Neutral strategies require careful analysis, risk management, and a keen understanding of market dynamics to effectively execute and maintain profitability.

Once again, StockHero’s Market Neutral bot (available in the Bots Marketplace) has achieved impressive returns. Check out the table below showing the performance of the Market Neutral bot versus the performance of an investor who simply buys and holds the same stock/ETF.

Market Neutral Stock Trading Bot for Oct 2023 Performance

Market Neutral strategy seems to work well with highly volatile asset. Take a look at SOXL. During the month of October, SOXL generated a negative 21.37% return. A high volatility asset like SOXL allows the Market Neutral bot to demonstrate its optimal effectiveness by generating an impressive 5.17% return.

Did you know? StockHero’s Market Neutral Bot has been listed since last year and has consistently achieved a high win rate for its users.

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