Ever since StockHero launched its Bots Marketplace, many users have benefited from the stock trading bots’ preset strategies. ¬†One of the greatest dilemma facing new users and perhaps, even experienced traders, is what settings to configure for the bot in order to achieve a high win rate.

The Marketplace’s most popular bot – the Market Neutral bot – has continued to achieve an approximate 90% win rate since it was listed last year. The Market Neutral bot has proven itself through the market’s cycles this year – especially during the months of August to September.

We are pleased to present the latest Live Performance Data for our stock trading bots listed on StockHero’s Bots Marketplace. The Live Performance Data aggregates all live trades from all users who rent the Marketplace bots.

Stock Trading Bot Performance

Our fastest Ultra Scalp MAX bot has also performed well considering it trades on 1 minute frequency. Don’t settle for anything less! Trade with StockHero today!