In 2023, StockHero’s stock trading bots delivered a robust performance with an impressive ~75% win rate for all our users. The average annual return stands at ~33%, calculated from the average of total trades across all users, including Marketplace bots and user-created bots, based on invested capital.

These figures bode well when compared to the following metrics for 2023 returns:

Hedge Funds – ~13.3% (+20%) (source: Preqin)

Dow Jones – ~13% (+20%)

S&P 500 – ~23% (+10%)

NASDAQ – ~40% (-7%)

Excluding user-created bots, which often face a high loss ratio attributed to trial-and-error experimentation and a lack of trading experience, the performance data of StockHero bots from our Bots Marketplace would have been significantly stronger. With an average win rate of approximately 85% and an annual return exceeding 55%, our Marketplace bots showcase impressive results.

Based on StockHero’s Marketplace Bots only:

Hedge Funds – ~13.3% (+42%)

Dow Jones – ~13% (+42%)

S&P 500 – ~23% (+32%)

NASDAQ – ~40% (+15%)

Essentially, our Bots Marketplace hosts a variety of well-performing stock trading bots that spare new traders the hours typically spent on trial-and-error experiments to devise a ‘winning’ formula. Notable examples, such as the Market Neutral bot, have demonstrated their effectiveness over months of compiled data. These Marketplace stock trading bots have successfully executed thousands of trades, benefiting numerous StockHero users.

Setup your stock trading bots with StockHero today and experience the power of intelligent trade automation.