Welcome to StockHero!

We are sure the very first few questions that popped into your head are

  1. What is StockHero?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Is this app something that a beginner can use?
  4. How do I run a strategy?

In this article, we aim to demystify all of the above questions and hopefully be able to enlighten our new users on StockHero.

Now, for the first question.

What exactly is StockHero?

Before we explain what is StockHero, it would be better to clarify that StockHero is NOT an investment platform. You do not deposit any funds with us. Simply put, StockHero is a Software-as-a-Service stock trading bot that helps users to automate the buying and selling of stocks. 

How does it work?

StockHero connects to your brokerage account via API (Application Programming Interface) and automatically sends trade instructions (like buy and sell) to your broker for execution. StockHero will send the buy/sell instructions based on a set of rules (otherwise known as a trading strategy) defined by the user. 

What is an API?

Without getting too technical, an API is a connection between two systems that allows communications to be sent between both systems. 

Do I need to learn how to code?

Absolutely not. StockHero offers a graphical user interface that allows the user to set his own strategy. StockHero will automatically create a trading algorithm from the strategy set up by the user.

But, what if I do not know any trading rules or algorithms?

Well, worry not as you are not alone. In fact, you belong to the majority of StockHero users who are new to this world of automated stock trading. StockHero offers a Bots Marketplace that offers many bots preset with trading strategies. A new user can rent one of these Marketplace bots and simply configures just two parameters – which stock to trade and how much fund to trade with.

So, yes, StockHero is definitely a great stock trading bot that beginners find it easy to use!

Do I need a broker to use StockHero?

It is required if you would like StockHero to automate the buying and selling of stocks in your trading account. Otherwise, you can just use StockHero as a signal provider. A signal simply tells you when to buy and sell a stock. StockHero will notify you via app notifications, emails and SMS (for Pro plan) and it is up to you whether you want to execute the trade in your own preferred brokerage account.

What brokers does StockHero support?

Please check here for the most up to date list of supported brokers.

What is the minimum amount I need to trade?

StockHero does not have a minimum trading requirement. As long as you have enough fund to buy a stock, that is all that is required. If a stock is priced at $1, then you just need $1 for the strategy’s fund allocation. 

Do you have real time chat support? What are your support hours?

This is one of our favourite questions. The StockHero culture is about treating the users with utmost care and passion. Our users can reach us via real time chat on WhatsApp, Telegram and on our website. We mostly reply to our users within hours and that includes the holidays as well!

Do you have a video that explains what is StockHero?

Yes, definitely! Check out our video.