Our StockHero team has been working hard over the last few months to make our stock trading bot software better and easier to use for you.  We are glad to provide an update on what we have accomplished and what new advancements are in the works.

Support For More Brokers

Needless to say, the majority of our efforts in the previous few months have been focused on integrating with the top brokers. We are happy to inform you that the integration with these brokers is now complete. To get the complete list of supported brokers, please read the details in our User Guide.

New StockHero iOS Mobile App

Our brand new StockHero Apple iOS app is finally here! Better UI and User-experience, the new StockHero iOS app makes it much easier to manage your trading bots. Download it from the AppStore today!

The New Ultra Scalp Bot Did Quite Well

Our most recent Ultra Scalp Bot, which was added approximately a month ago, has done fairly well (averaging around 90% Win/Loss ratio). Using a high trading frequency, this bot seeks to scalp the market whether it is in a bull, bear, or sideways phase. Go to our Bots Marketplace and check out the Ultra Scalp bot. Please note that past performance is not a guarantee or indication of future performance.

New Market Data Source Providers

We are excited with our new market data providers. These new data providers, which offer extremely low latency price feeds and the capacity to support up to 1 minute trading frequency and for numerous markets, have helped our signal and trade engines to become much more responsive.

More Bots Coming Onto The Marketplace

We’re in the process of vetting a few bots for the Bots Marketplace. These prospective new additions will provide our users with a wider range of trading strategies to suit a variety of risk/reward profiles. Keep an eye on this space! Why not earn some extra money by submitting your bots for listing consideration if you have relatively decent self-configured strategies? Simply go to the Bots Marketplace page and start submitting your bots right away.