Our latest Ultra Scalp bot which utilises the Scalping Strategy (see below for a brief explanation) has done well since it was listed in May 2023. Averaging around 94% win/loss ratio, the upcoming Ultra Scalp bot aims to offer users who are looking for a very active bot.

What is a Scalping Strategy?

Scalping is a common trading technique used by stock traders especially those who day trade. A scalp strategy aims to generate fast transactions with the intention of benefitting from slight price changes. These stock traders frequently open and close positions between minutes to hours in an effort to profit from brief but frequent gains.

Scalpers use indications and chart patterns to find potential entry and exit positions, relying largely on technical analysis to do so. This tactic necessitates self-control, prompt decision-making, and a thorough comprehension of market dynamics. Even though it has the potential to be very profitable, scalping involves dangers because it depends on sudden changes in price.

StockHero.Ai has helped many new traders to trade intelligently by relying less on emotions and more on data. By offering a curated list of bots on the Bots Marketplace, users have access to proven stock trading strategies without having to experiment with the limitless number of combinations that a bot offers.



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