Our StockHero growth has been very encouraging since our launch! Many users have provided feedback on ways to improve our product and our team has heard each and every one of them. Hence, we are pleased to announce that work on our next version, aptly called “The Best Ever Edition”, has started since October.

Our new V2 should be ready by Feb 2023. It will incorporate many cool features required by intermediate and advanced traders. There will be other cool features as well that will ease the onboarding for traders who are keen to explore the world of automated trading.

StockHero’s technology is based on our highly robust and proven trading platform that has been operating since early 2021. Under our trading software group, we have received rave reviews from thousands of users around the world.

Our customer support is also passionately motivated to handle our users’ issues 24/7!

Do not miss out on StockHero, quite possibly the best way to trade stocks smartly! All existing paid signups will get to enjoy the new StockHero V2 for free with no price increase!

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