StockHero’s Market Neutral bot has been the favourite for many of StockHero’s traders. Its ample track record (since Oct 2022) coupled with its very high win rate (~90%) has made it a hot favourite among our users.

Due to a high number of requests from StockHero’s users for a more aggressive Market Neutral strategy, we are pleased to work with the bot creator – Peter Heisenberg – to upload the new Market Neutral Aggressive stock trading bot onto the Bots Marketplace.

The Market Neutral Aggressive bot utilizes the same set of complex algorithms found in the proven Market Neutral bot. The only difference is that the more aggressive version deploys more capital on its first order. Although this strategy increases the potential for a higher profit, it is also riskier as well.

The Market Neutral Aggressive bot is available now in the Bots Marketplace. Users will still be able to rent the original Market Neutral bot (the version that has been listed since Oct 2022) from the Bots Marketplace.

Professional users on our Annual plan may email us to get the Market Neutral Aggressive bot added for free.