In this article, we delve into the mechanics of increasing the chances of your stock trading bots springing into action. Many of us instinctively would create a bot to trade from a fund, being careful not to create overlapping fund allocations. This maybe an optimal approach if the user has a substantial amount of fund. However, for many of us who want our trading capital deployed rapidly by the trading bots, a clinical split of funds may not be feasible.

Let’s assume a user has $2000 USD in trading capital. If he or she would like to trade TSLA, he can either create just one bot to trade TSLA or multiple bots to trade from this same capital pool.

If this user creates four additional bots to trade from this $2000 capital, the chances of his capital getting deployed would be 4 times higher. This would make for a far more efficient use of trading capital.

Advantages of creating multiple bots

1. Increase chances for deploying trading capital

2. Due to a faster deployment of capital, the annual return should be higher as well


1. Higher chances of insufficient capital when the second or third bot opens a trade

Note: Many successful traders deploy on average 10 to 15 stock trading bots!



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