After having passed StockHero’s rigorous testing process, the new Swing Strategy stock trading bot is finally available on the Bots Marketplace.

Swing trading is a dynamic trading strategy that capitalizes on short to medium-term price fluctuations. Unlike long-term investments, swing traders aim to capture “swings” or price movements typically lasting a few days to weeks. This strategy involves analyzing technical indicators, chart patterns, and market trends to identify potential entry and exit points.

The Swing Strategy bot employs risk management techniques by setting specific profit targets as well as stoploss. Typically, a swing trading strategy has a higher take profit level than a scalping strategy. For traders who are keen to run a strategy that yields a greater profit level, the new Swing Strategy bot should be considered.

Since the Swing Strategy bot is newly listed, the “Track Record” value is low as shown in the Bots Marketplace. Over time, this metric will steadily improve as more users start to deploy the Swing Strategy bot for their own trading.

StockHero’s Professional Annual Plan subscribers will be able to access the Swing Strategy bot for free.