The year 2023 has been a bumpy ride. For traders who have been actively trading the whole year would well remember the market correction in February followed by a multi-month down swing from August to October. Not many retail traders have stayed the course with many frightened by the volatility and, hence, preferring to just keep cash or just stay invested (and not trading).

But, for many StockHero users who have persisted throughout the year, many saw good returns backed by exceptional win rate executed by the StockHero’s Marketplace bots.

Once again, StockHero’s superstar – the Market Neutral bot – has achieved an impressive a win rate of 91.57% beating all other bots in the Bots Marketplace. This is an exceptional performance considering that the Market Neutral bot has been listed since October 2022 garnering it the best track record for its performance.

The other bots have also fared very well for the year 2023. Many of the scalping bots, highly favoured by day traders and very short term traders, have delivered an average of 83% win rate.

Check out the stock trading bots’ performance data (win rate) in the table below.

Stock Trading Bot Year 2023 Performance

StockHero’s Bots Marketplace aims to provide bots with very robust trading strategies that can deliver consistent returns and win rates regardless of the stocks chosen.

As we enter a new year, the StockHero team is excited to deliver more trading bots to our users.

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