We are pleased to release the latest performance data for the stock trading bots listed on our Bots Marketplace for the month of January 2024. It comes as no surprise that the Market Neutral bot (StockHero’s longest running bot since October 2022) continues to retain its crown as the bot with the highest overall win rate.

The latest Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot did really well with a 75% win rate considering it trades at the highest frequency of 1 minute and utilises 100% of the fund allocation. Traders must note that the Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot carries the highest level of risk due to its ultra fast scalping strategy.

Notably, the “sibling” of the Ultra Scalp MAX 100, with a shorter moniker – Ultra Scalp MAX – outperformed with a win rate of about 80%. The Ultra Scalp MAX bot has a superior risk management framework, allowing it to achieve a higher win rate than the Ultra Scalp MAX 100 bot.

Stock Trading Bot Performance for February 2024
Last 3 months ended Jan 31, 2024

One of the latest Marketplace bots – the Swing Strategy bot – also performed well with a 80% win rate. The Swing Strategy bot offers users a much higher take profit level than the scalping bots, but it trades at a longer time frequency/interval.

Other Marketplace bots have maintained and even improved on their all time performance data such as the Ultra Scalp, High Frequency and the All Weather Strategy bots.

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