If you are a Buy-and-Hold investor, then the last three months must not have been any cause for celebration. The stock market whipsawed before coming back towards the end of November. The NASDAQ was up about 0.68% from September to November. The DJIA only managed to recover with a 3% gain (Sep to Nov) on the very last day of November. If you only count November 29th and exclude the last day, the DJIA is up a mere 1.6%.

The same cannot be said for many StockHero’s users who have deployed our stock trading bots from the Bots Marketplace. These trading bots come preset with their strategies and they have helped many new users and even the experienced traders to perform better in their trading endeavours.

We have compiled the latest performance figures for the stock trading bots that are available in the Bots Marketplace. Please check out the results in the image below.

Stock Trading Bots Performance

The most popular stock trading bot – the Market Neutral bot – continues to maintain its consistency. Newly listed Ultra Scalp MAX bot has improved on its win rate (check the last result), from 84.61% to 85.45%. Another trading bot to note is the All Weather Strategy. This bot has a pretty similar strategy to the Market Neutral bot.

StockHero has enabled thousands of traders to trade more intelligently.

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