There are several ways to use StockHero. For those who want a fully automated experience, where the stock trading bots will execute buy and sell orders on the brokerage directly, they can use TradeStation, our preferred brokerage partner. 

There are others who prefer to stick to their existing brokerages. In this case, they can simply use StockHero as part of their decision making process to place orders for stocks. Many times, we tend to trade when the stock is skyrocketing or sell when the stock is at a low. Human emotions – greed and fear – are the causes for making such trading mistakes.

In order to trade stocks effectively, we need to buy low and sell high. More often than not this is easier said than done. This is why a stock trading bot software like StockHero can be a great stock trading companion.

A trader can simply use StockHero’s inbuilt Paper exchange and configure the bots to trade on the preferred stocks. StockHero’s Paper exchange simulates the real price movements of stocks and any trades placed in the Paper exchange does not involve real money.

Whenever a bot places a trade on our Paper exchange, the user will be informed and he or she can make the decision whether to execute the trade in the live brokerage account.

Join thousands of users who are already using StockHero to help them trade the stock market more effectively. Less emotions. More intelligently.